Sunday, May 1, 2011


Hello readers,
I am currently a college student and I am creating this blog to post some personal finance management tips for anyone out there.  I am currently pursuing a degree in finance but much of my experience will be from real world applications instead of academic study.  Hopefully, the posts I make will be relevant and helpful for those who read this.  I will be including basic personal finance advice such as how to invest money, manage credit, budget and save, and other random tips that may help earn a few dollars on the side (which hopefully add up to a nontrivial sum).  Most of my friends see me as kind of an extremist when it comes to managing personal finance (I often give advice unasked for) so hopefully I will be able to use this blog as a channel for my passion.  I have always enjoyed making the most of limited resources.  Ever since I was small, I have enjoyed playing games and figuring out what is the best way to maximize whatever objective I had in front of me using what resources I had.  This eventually led me to business school where I am learning how to maximize the value of the dollar.  Eventually, I hope to maybe give stock recommendations and economic analysis, but that day is probably very far off.  Also, I will probably see what is the most convenient frequency for me to post on my blog.  I will try some happy medium between daily and weekly although since classes are out, the frequency over the next few months won't be consistent with the entire year.  And my blog is currently very simple and I'm not sure how fancy I will make it, but seeing how my main discussion topic is more practical, I will probably try to have a layout that facilitates reading if anything.

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