Sunday, May 22, 2011

Why "The Smart Nickel"

I'm going to spend a post just talking about my blog to give my readers a better idea about my goals and what I hope to achieve as well as why I decided to go with "The Smart Nickel" instead of "The Smart Billion Dollars."

I sincerely believe that it is not impossible for anyone to generate at least a 5% return on their money.  With credit cards and their cash back, it is even possible to earn back 5% of what you spend.  But hopefully, my blog is able to convince many college students the importance of saving for the future and the potential your money has to grow itself over time.  So the nickel comes from the possibility to make a nickel on each dollar, which may not sound like very much but it adds up.  And that's how I made the name, but please continue to learn about the goals of this post.

My ultimate goal for this blog is that it act as an educational tool for college students to use, even far into the future.  Later on, I plan on organizing my posts so that it is easily searchable under broad topics (I have started by adding labels to my posts but I will probably have a more organized system after learning some more web design).  Students should be able to come onto my blog and look up whatever personal finance topic they would like to learn about.  Meanwhile, I hope to continually update my blog with relevant information and encourage discussions among blog readers for good money practices and spending habits to have.  I certainly don't know everything there is to know about personal finance, but I hope some of my insights and experiences as a college student will be helpful to others.

I had been trying to grow my reader base back during the middle of finals week and have since stopped because of my laptop hardware issues.  However, I plan on getting back on track and updating more regularly so I would really appreciate it if any readers out there could pass along my blog to their friends or family who may be interested in learning more about some of the topics I talk about.  Also, it is pretty difficult to read the minds of all my readers at once so if you could comment with some topics you would like to hear about in the future, it would be very helpful for me to focus on researching those topics.  I will probably finish my stocks arc of posts first but afterward, I will be looking into recommendations for new posts.  I understand that there are people who would rather not go through some of the trouble to save a few dollars, but I believe it is good to educate everyone so that they at least have the option to do so.  So if you can let your friends know, I would be very grateful and if there are other topics that I haven't discussed yet, please let me know what you are interested in.

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