Saturday, April 14, 2012


I think I may have found one of the greatest forums (for personal finance) on the internet.  The website is Saving Advice and I must say how mildly disturbed I am by my own fascination with the place.  Most of the people on the forum are well established adults, so it feels a little weird as a college student.  Most people (from what I've read) already have a family and a mortgage and a lot of retirement accounts.  But what I'm most impressed with about the site is its quality.

I sometimes feel like an amateur compared to some of the veterans on the forum, and although I don't agree with some of the advice on the site, overall I think it is a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about personal finance (after scouring my blog, of course).  There are many topics on mortgages and investment strategies that I have not been exposed to yet, on tax issues and financial hardships I haven't even heard of before.  If anyone is remotely interested, I would definitely recommend checking the place out.

I even opened up a branch of this blog on their blog host and began re-posting some of my earlier, more informational articles.  You can check it out and follow if you want some earlier reminders of what's useful.  From what I've seen from the other blogs on the site, however, it seems as if a lot of people talk more about their daily expenses or things happening in their lives.  It seems in a way like a Facebook for more mature families focused on discussing the latest PF trends.  Apparently, getting credit cards for their sign-up offer and then cancelling them is quite popular and one of the things I don't agree with (since I believe you should be selective about your rewards program but stick to it).

And the site seems to be relatively popular.  There are usually a couple hundred people or more on the forums at any given moment (mainly guests), but I'll bet they return regularly for more information.  They talk a lot about topics I'm interested in like optimizing credit card rewards, having an emergency fund, getting the best bank account, building credit, budgeting, and more.  So given that I only post once a week, this seems like a much better source for people who don't know me personally and want some answers to their questions quickly.  Definitely go check it out.

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