Friday, August 26, 2011

Save on Electricity

Most college students probably won't have to worry about this for a while, but if you care for the environment or already pay your own electricity bills, here are some tips to cut down on your usage (and of course, costs).

Seal up your house to make sure that your cool air doesn't escape during the day.  These summers have been especially hot and you don't want any cool air from your house to escape through a crack.  During the winters, think about sealing your attic to prevent heat from escaping as well.

Wash your laundry with cold water.  It may be slightly less clean for your whites, but this simple change could save up around $150 a year.  Of course, this number depends on how often you do laundry and how large your loads are each time.  Also, use high efficiency washers to save on water. 

Unplug your devices.  I'm pretty sure everyone has heard of those ghost sappers that suck out energy.  Or use a surge protector and simply switch it off at night.  Also, putting your computer on standby when you leave could help cut several dollars over the course of a year.

Turning off lights in empty rooms can save a couple hundred dollars a year and replacing 10 sixty watt light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs can save another hundred.

Sometimes you can also save money on air conditioning by buying an powerful electronic fan instead.  Some of the higher power fans can be just as good and use a lot less electricity than your air conditioner.


  1. What many people do not know about is that, every time we save electricity, we only not save money but we also somehow contribute in the saving of our planet.

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  2. Great point! I am part of Eco-Reps which is a group that promotes the environment on Penn's campus and a lot of these tips are given out to students. I thought the washing machine water was quite surprising because I didn't know that changing from hot to cold made such a difference.