Wednesday, August 17, 2011


This post is probably not as applicable for my peers, so I understand that the majority of people won't benefit as much from this post (which is why I'm putting it up in the middle of the week), and my blog doesn't get much traffic anyway.

But, if you aren't a frequent texting fiend (which most high school and college students are) and you have a wifi device (such as an iPod touch) with easy access (such as on a college campus), then you could save $10-30 a month by dropping your text plan and signing up for text free (or your parents could save it in which case most students would probably stop reading here).  It is an app in the apple store which lets you text any phone number through a wifi connection.  The savings is fairly significant, accumulating up to a few hundred dollars a year.

I understand that a lot of people probably would want to have everything in one device rather than carry a phone and something else to text, but for me it isn't a big deal.  I text occasionally and my wifi access is fairly strong both at home in the summer and at school during the academic year.  But then again, I am kind of an oddball in terms of young adults and texting.

Regardless, the main idea here is that there are often loopholes and opportunities to save.  There are a lot of services that you can get for free and with the widely available information on the internet, finding such services has become much easier in today's society.  You just have to try and take a look.

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